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Health insurance is insurance that can cover some of the necessary costs when you have a health issue.

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Health  Insurance

When a medical matter arises the last thing you would want to stress about is the financial cost that come along with receiving good healthcare service. This is why you need health insurance.

Health insurance is insurance that helps you cover the necessary financial costs when you have a health issue such as emergency care, hospitalisation or any other healthcare service that you may need. Ambulance services and all related expenses are also covered under this insurance.

Having health insurance is important as it helps you to be financially ready for any health related issues. We live in a very uncertain world but one thing you can be certain about is making sure you’re covered for any health matter.

Let us at LCConsulting help you choose the correct health insurance which best suits you and your family before health issues affect you.

Medical aid offers a more comprehensive solution than a health insurance policy. Make sure you know the difference! That being said, a medical aid plan doesn’t always cover 100% of your bill. This is where gap cover comes in to ensure you cater for any unforeseen shortfall that may occur, leaving you out of pocket.

Medical Aid vs. Health Insurance

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With the rising cost of living affecting every aspect of our daily lives, it is important to understand how you can take better care of you, and your family’s health and healthcare expenses.

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