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Gap cover works hand in hand with your medical aid in order to cover any potential financial shortfalls when having a hospital procedure.

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What is  Gap Cover?

This is a short-term insurance product that helps you cover certain medical costs that arise when having an in-hospital procedure. This short-term insurance works hand in hand with your medical aid membership in order to cover potential shortfalls between what your specialists charge and what your medical aid pays for in-hospital events.

When a major medical event requires you to be hospitalised, your medical aid cover may not cover the specialist in full. This is where you need Gap cover in place to cover all these unforeseen expenses and to assist you in not having to pay these shortfalls from your own pocket.

Depending on the gap cover product you choose you can also get cover for co-payments, internal prostheses, casualty room cover as well as accidental death or disability payout.

At LCConsulting we specialise in five different gap cover providers and will be able to help you choose the most suitable gap cover based on your needs and affordability.

As with your medical aid that has limitations and may not pay for certain treatment, gap cover also does not provide cover for certain treatment and benefits and therefore you need to read your policy wording to ensure you understand the full extent of your cover.

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