Different medical aid plan options on offer

Different medical aid plan options on offer Discovery Health Discovery Health Medical Scheme Take a look at the different medical aid plan options on offer from Discovery Health Medical Scheme. For any assistance choosing the right plan for you, get in touch with us on karin@lcconsulting.co.za. https://youtu.be/WDIsADr-MUkhttps://youtu.be/o73NDTkEaDEhttps://youtu.be/T80apfmswychttps://youtu.be/XZ0RI5_gDlQhttps://youtu.be/O4bTvNRBDhghttps://youtu.be/emRn8nVHwb4https://youtu.be/PUVn3fzkQdc Share the Knowledge!

The future of wellness and rewards

The Future of Wellness and Rewards Momentum Multiply The Future of Wellness  and Rewards Momentum is always looking for opportunities to improve our products and services. With this in mind, we are reinventing our product strategies and are about to launch new product features to the industry. Technology enabled quite a few of the simplifications […]

LCConsulting Inform

LCConsulting Inform Health4Me LCConsulting  Inform Thank you for attending the Momentum Health4Me presentation. Please see below a brief comparison from our office between Health Insurance vs Medical Aid as discussed. You can belong to Medical Aid and have a Health Insurance policy at the same time. You cannot have either 2 Medical Aids or Health […]

Female Breast Cancer Cover

Female Breast Cancer Cover Momentum Insure Female Breast Cancer Cover As a female policyholder Momentum Insure will cover you for: accidental, violent, external and a visible cause due to an accident that results in the loss of a breast and the first positive diagnosis of a malignant tumour. Contact us for more information. Share the Knowledge!

Female Handbag Cover

Female Handbag Cover Momentum Insure Handbag Cover Momentum Insure’s Handbag cover provides cover for loss or theft of a handbag and its contents. Contact us for more information. Share the Knowledge!

Insurer placed into provisional curatorship, JSE-listed owner crashes 40% | Fin24

Insurer placed into provisional curatorship, JSE-listed owner crashes 40% Conduit Capital plunged by over 40% Constantia Insurance Company Has Been Placed into provisional curatorship The South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has placed Constantia Insurance Company (CICL) into provisional curatorship after it failed to find an investor to inject it with much-needed capital of at least […]

Medical Aid vs. Health Insurance – What You Should Know

Medical Aid vs. Health Insurance With the rising cost of living affecting every aspect of our daily lives, it is important to understand how you can better take care of your, and your family’s, health and healthcare expenses. Medical Aid and Medical Insurance Medical Aid vs. Medical Insurance Very few South Africans are fortunate enough to […]

Flu season is here, get your flu vaccination

Flu Season is here Flu Season Is Here, Get Your flu vaccination Whilst there’s currently a global focus on COVID-19 and the vaccines, we would like to remind all Fedhealth members about the upcoming flu season and the importance of getting the annual flu vaccination. All our clients qualify for the free annual flu vaccine benefit, […]